Sunset on Missouri River
Stephen Jackson
“I lived through the whole of it,” wrote Thucydides in his History of the Peloponnesian War, “being of an age to comprehend events and giving my attention to them in order to know the exact truth about them.”

Company man, elected official, parent, marathoner, business owner, paddler, manager, board member, coach and recovering entrepreneur, Stephen Jackson has a lifetime of high adventures on land and water.

Stephen earned his engineering degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia and his Masters in Business Administration from Lindenwood University.

His first eBook, “Missouri River 340 First Time Finisher” documents his family's participation in the 2012 Missouri River 340. The longest non-stop canoe and kayak race in the world, their team, the “Three Boatdacious Blondes and Dad” completed this grueling race in just over 77 hours. Based on their experiences in this race, "Missouri River First Time Finisher" provides first-time paddlers valuable information  on equipment, preparation and strategy for the race.